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August 11th
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Favorite Japanese Food
Sushi and Takoyaki
Favorite Part of Body
Fashion, Beauty, Cosplay


Pyo Eunji is a model and a YouTuber from South Korea.

With her cute face and sexy beauty body, she is a hot topic who is enthusiastic about many fans all over the world, not only in South Korea but also on Social Media.

In South Korea, she has appeared in TV drama series and commercials as an actress, She has 1.16 million Instagram followers, and has 1.61 million YouTube channel subscribers (and 300,000 of whom are Japanese), which numbers prove its popularity.

In a year of 2022, her dream of modeling and acting in Japanese will begin.

* Info update as of Jan 11th, 2022


DJ & Performance

2018.6 Club Chungdam Maid "Beauty & Style LAND" Main DJ Performance

2018.7 Maxim "Redzone" Pool Party Djing

2018.12 Hyatt Hotel Club"JJ Mahoney" Main Stage Djing

2019.1 "Sassy Macau" Club Legend Main Stage Djing

2019.7 Tokyo Makuhari park"Water Run" Djing

2019.8 "Cross Culture Asia Camp" In Jeju

CF & Viral Advertising

2016.12 "BALCK MONSTER" Viral Advertising


2017.4 "CJ Coconut Oil" Viral Advertising

2017.6 "Dingo"Salad cafe Gangnam Edition

2017.10 "Shinhan Card" TVCM

2017.11 "DONGKOOK Pharmaceuticals Oramedy Ointment" Viral Advertising

2020.1 "WIPPY" Promotional Video

2020.2 "Bigolive" Promotional Video

TV Drama & VR Appearance

2016.1 The Heroine Of The 72-Second Web Drama "Banana Actually Season 2"

2016.10 EBS Radio "Sunday Music Travel Pop" 7 Times 2 Copies

2017.8 "Twen" ICON Actress Pyo Eunji ED. #1, 2

2018.10-2019.01 Naver Cast "T-live Tennis" Main MC

2019.11 "LG U + 5G" Listen To Music / Watch In Movies VR Guided Tour

2020.12 "VRLU" < YOU & Eunji's Story> VR Influencer Pyo Eunji

Music Video

Dumbfoundead-Water M/V Appearance

"Eicciv" -Can We Restart Summer Again? M/V Appearance


2016.12 "Leon Magazine" Leongear Modael

2017.2 "Syoff Magazine" Interview

2017.11 "Vogue Korea" Hunter Original Refined Chelsea Boots Model

2018.10 "MAXIM" October Issue Cover Model

2019.10 Hongkong Internet Magazine "Sassy" Main Model

2021.02 "MAXIM" February Issue Cover model

2021.05 Japanese Fashion Web Media "WHO WORE BEST"

2021.12 "MAPS" Magazine Cover Model

Modeling & Photobook

2010.10 "Ecarat" model

2016.3 "Rotta Weather" Model

2016.8 "Epicase" Solo Photo Book "Bikini"

2016.8 "FILA" Underwear Model

2016.8 "Desqured" Underwear Model

2016.8 "Ducobi" Model

2016.11 Solo Photo Book "OKINAWA BUNNY"

2016.12 "Rotta Calendar 2017" Model

2016.12 "G-base"Collaboration Promotion Model

2017.3 " Bom" Hair Model

2017.5 "W.UNION" Model

2018.7 Makestar DJ Henney 1st (Love In Summer) Limited Edition Photobook

2019.12 "shopfanpick" Pyo Eunji 2020 Calendar

2020.6 "mogrami" Underwear model

2020.7 "Eunji" Solo Photo Book

2020.7 "FreeBoo" Underwear Model

2020.8 "afrimo" Public Relations Model

2020.11 "Eunji Home & Fall" Single Gravure

2021.1 "FreeBoo" Underwear Model

2021.5 "Amasia" Collaboration Album Event Studio AM Single Gravure

2021.7 "Bikini & Private" Single Gravure

2021.8 NEXON "Sudden Attack" Character Model

Sound Source

2018.7 Album (Love In Summer) Tropical House "Melt Away"

2021.5 Album "Amasia" Dance "Amasia" Release